From weight management to wellness, we’ve got your back.

Eating right and attaining a healthy weight isn’t always easy. It takes a great deal of knowledge, discipline, and effort. But you don’t have to take it on by yourself. We can provide the support you need to succeed on your journey to a healthier you.

Hancock HNT

If you’ve been on more than one diet, you know that it’s not losing weight that’s the problem; it’s keeping the weight off.  Hancock Wellness is excited to announce that we have added another weight management option that may be right for you!  Hancock HNT is a comprehensive weight loss program that combines weekly healthy living classes with meal replacement to deliver results.  With the help of supportive health professionals, you’ll lose weight safely and learn to manage a healthy weight for life. The average weight loss is 40 lbs. in the first 20 weeks.

This program is geared to those with a BMI of 27 or higher.  We do not specify BMI requirements.  While most participants are at 27 or higher, we certainly welcome those who are 24 or higher and just want to get off that last 10 lbs.

  • Balanced approach. Our approach focuses on making conscious choices. Nothing is “forbidden”- it’s a matter of balance. We’ll work with you every step of the way toward your long term health goals.
  • Supportive professionals. You’ll be guided by a physician, dietitians, exercise specialists and health coaches. Our group coaching model holds participants accountable to themselves, the coach and the class. Clients learn and practice new healthy behaviors in an environment of trust and understanding.
  • Medically Supervised. Rapid weight loss is safe with a doctor’s oversight. The program physician will review your medical history and monitor your progress. The physician and registered dietitian can assist you to set realistic goals for healthy weight loss. In particular, if you have Type 2 Diabetes, the physician will work with you and your primary care physician to closely monitor your blood glucose.
  • Proven product. Health One is a product of the scientific community. Our product has been used in clinical trials for over a decade and has achieved excellent results.

It starts with a 20-week weight loss phase called Foundation.  We offer on-going Practice classes to help support you as you adjust to maintaining your new lower weight.  The program is geared to people with a BMI of 27+.  To learn more about the Hancock HNT program, you may call (317) 606-4774.

Journey to Wellness

The 10-week program offers one-on-one coaching to help you succeed in your journey to wellness. A registered dietitian, certified wellcoach, and an exercise specialist will guide you through 15 training sessions that at 30-60 minutes each. Former participants have experienced significant weight loss and reduced waistlines, and the knowledge to keep the weight off. The program costs $495 for members, and $645 for nonmembers (payment plans are available). With 15 sessions, that’s just $33 per session ($43 for nonmembers). To learn more or enroll, call Program & Operations Manager Yvette Dixon, at (317) 468-6106 today or by email at

Nutrition Weight Management Support Group

This free monthly support group, led by a registered dietitian, provides a nonjudgmental environment where everyone can share their stories and their struggles. Come join the community—and build your confidence—as you work toward healthier eating habits. The group meets from 6 to 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month in McCordsville, and from 6 to 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month in Greenfield. For more information, contact Registered Dietitian Michelle Graves at (317) 468-6115, or email her at

Nutrition Consultations

Learn how to make healthy food choices by meeting with our Registered Dietitian.  Our individualized, hour long consultations are designed to help you achieve your nutrition goals related to general nutrition, weight management and sports performance.  A nutrition consult can help you establish good eating habits for you and your family, achieve weight loss and weight management, improve sports performance and reduce your risk for disease.  Individual sessions are $70.  A package of 3 sessions can be purchased for $195 and a package of 5 sessions for $299.  To set up an appointment, contact Michelle Graves at 317-468-6115 or

Nutrition Workshops

Come join our dietitian and occasional guest speaker at our monthly educational workshops.  These nutrition workshops are focused on a variety of topics (i.e. sugar vs. artificial sweeteners, gardening & canning, meal preparation).   These workshops are held at both locations and are free to attend for both members and non-members.  Click on the LINK for topics, dates and times.

Physician Referral Group Nutrition Sessions

Participants enrolled in the Physician Referral program may attend group nutrition sessions during the course of their 60 day program.  The sessions are held bi-weekly, covering four different topics over the two month period.  Topics include weight control/meal planning, diabetes, hypertension/heart health and nutrition for anxiety and depression.  For more information, please contact Michelle Graves at 317-468-6115 or