At Hancock Athletics, we believe that fitness is an all-encompassing term; an individual should be proficient at any physical task or demand placed in front of them, whether in the gym or out in everyday life. With this approach in mind, we implement a variety of progressive skills and exercises at varying loads and intensities on a daily basis. Rather than focusing on a singular, traditional facet of fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, we train through a broad spectrum in our group classes.

Hancock Athletics is not a typical gym; in fact, we are more like an athletic team. Our workouts are tough, competitive events that require perseverance and endurance.  The people who succeed in our programs are people who are willing to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve life-changing results.

Each workout is organized into a team “practice.” The team will warm-up together, practice skills, focus on developing total body strength, condition together, and finally cool down together. The camaraderie and energy are contagious; whatever you can do on your own, you will do significantly better in this culture and environment.  Even while you’re doing the most difficult workout you think you have ever done, you are pushing through it and having fun while working out with a group of people who quickly become your friends.

When you come to Hancock Athletics, you will lift, run, row, jump, pull, push (and anything else we can think of) your way to your goals by a group of committed coaches. We sweat, we expose weaknesses, and get stronger, mentally, and physically – together. The community aspect of Hancock Athletics is our biggest strength.

We are supportive. We are competitive with ourselves. We are strong. We are humble. We are athletes.  We are Hancock Athletics.

If you are interested in learning more about our Athletics training, please contact us today!  A Membership Services Representative can get you started, and our certified coaches would be happy to address your specific questions as it relates to the program.