Journey to Wellness – Scott & Holly Gohring – Part 3 of 3

Michelle says that “Having a Hancock Wellness Center not far from their [the Gohring’s] home gives them easy access to the center and with all the equipment, and personal training options, they have the support they need to continue in their success. With ongoing nutrition and weight management tools, they’re able to continue receiving support during their journey…And I’m always available to them if they need anything”. That same care is available to any member who joins Hancock Wellness Center.

With all the support from the staff at Hancock Wellness Center, and with each other, Scott says he and Holly are committed to maintaining their lifestyle. “We don’t consider ourselves gym rats by any means, but if I’m having a stressful day, I’ll take my lunch and go to the gym and use that as a stress relief.”

Holly says “…That’s our schedule now. This is what we do.”

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